Specific heat of combustion of the fuel (by volume)

International System (SI)

Joule per cubic meter - J/m3

Joule per liter - J/l

Kilojoule per cubic meter - kJ/m3

Megajoule per cubic meter - MJ/m3

International calories per cube meter - cal/m3

International calories per cubic centimeter - cal/cm3

Thermochemical calorie per centimeter - calth3

Thermochemical calorie per centimeter - calth/cm3

Cubic meter per joule - m3/J

Liter per joule - l/J

British and American

British thermal unit (BTU(international)) per cubic foot - BTU(IT)/ft3

British thermal unit (BTU(thermochemical)) per cubic pound - BTU(th)/ft3

Celsius heat unit per cubic foot - CHU/ft3

US gallon per mechanical horsepower-hour - gal(US)/hp·hr

US gallon per metric horsepower-hour - gal(US)/hp·hr

Therm(US) (59 ° F, 15 ° C) per cubic foot - thm(US)59°F/ft3

Therm(UK) per cubic foot - thm(UK)/ft3

Therm(EC) per cubic foot - thm(EC)/ft3

Therm(US) per cubic gallon (US) - thm(US)59°F/gal3(US)

Therm(UK) per cubic gallon (imperial) - thm(UK)/gal3(UK)

Therm(EC) per cubic gallon (US(IT)) - thm(EC)/gal3(US)

Celsius heat unit per cubic foot - CHU/ft3