Loan calculator. Credit Calculator

Loan calculator (or calculator of credit, loan repayment calculator) – it's online service, allowing like himself, without help of banking specialists, calculate your credit, effective interest rate, real interest rate with allmost real rules which use real banks. This credit calculator may provide to you 2 most most frequent techniques of debt repayment:

  1. a) Annuity payment – it's first way of montly payments of credit. In this method you pay with equal parts in all time, untill you have this credit. This way wery often use individuals

  2. b) Differential payment – is to reduce monthly payment amount (percent) by the end of credit repayment. This way very popular in legal entity becouse this way prefer to buisness.

This credit calculator is usability becouse you can calculate your debt, how much time you need to pay wich credit interest prefer to use, how much credit interest you will pay and what way of payment prefer profitable to your situation.

And very important that you may count early repayment of your credit. You can know wich sum need to pay for body of credit and of interest.

Ofcourse you should undestand that it s informative calculator and real payment may be different.