Double interpolation online. Bilinear interpolation

Bilinear interpolation (or double interpolation) - it is all too most as linear interpolation, only interpolation occurs simultaneously for two heteronymic functions of two variables. Ie first calculates one side of a single variable and based on the result and the value of the other unknown side to be (interpoliruetsya) the overall result.

Bilinear interpolation, double interpolation

Short bilinear interpolation algorithm:

To interpolate value of the function at the point P, it is necessary to know values of surrounding points: Q11, Q12, Q21, Q11

First step is to find a ancillary point R1 и R2 by means of linear interpolation. (In truth, you can start from any side. Suppose a point R3, R4)

Through linear interpolation between the auxiliary points R1 и R2 find value of the function at point P:

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